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Is an Estate Sale right for you?

An estate sale is not a garage sale. It is usually due to a significant life event, whether moving, downsizing, bankruptcy, divorce, or death. If you need to liquidate the contents of a home to prepare for the sale of the property, or for financial reasons, we are here to help. 


How do I prepare for a sale?

Most importantly, DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY! Focus on what you want to keep, financial documents, personal photographs, and sentimental items. During our consultation, we will explain the process in detail. 

What sells?

There is a buyer for almost ANYTHING. Your trash is someone else’s treasure! From half a bottle of window cleaner to an antique sword collection, we've sold it all.

Do you sell fine jewelry, silver, and coins?

A definitive YES! Many of our customers come specifically for jewelry or coins. 

What happens to unsold items?

Our initial contract expires at the end of the sale, however, we will provide several options to you for clean-out services post-sale. 

When do I get paid?

A check will be prepared for you within 5-7 business days. 

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